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The majority of my work originates in journeys on foot, and the searches and consequent discoveries made therein; artefact or memory, waymarker or narrative. The transformation from routine to prosaic ritual is reflected in the elevation of vernacular materials. Recurrent themes are finding or gathering, chance and choice, and location or disorientation. 

In recent years my work has become increasingly focused on the politics of place; I am drawn to places whose histories are not only contentious, but which offer the potential for a greater understanding of our present, when considered through a deep topographic lens.


Born and brought up in London, I studied Fine Art at Middlesex University. In 1999 I moved to Cornwall, where I live and work. 

Awarded the 2017 Inland Art Festival Residency Prize, I completed a project, Static Island, at Back Lane West. The project was also documented on a daily blog. As a recent Associate Member, I have just completed another residency, Non-Contact, in the space.






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